Strange vehicles

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Just a couple that caught my eye lately. One is a pet grooming van, covered with a sort of fluffy fur, I saw it on my way to exercise class. When I came out the whole thing was being wrapped in stretch wrap, you know, the kind they use in airports to wrap suitcases. I wanted to photograph that too but the men wrapping it looked fiercely at me and exposure to thriller movies and an over active imagination made me choose discretion. The van was sitting on a flat-bed truck so I guess it will be shipped back to Vermont ( noticed the license plates) instead of flying down the highway it’s cute little tongue flapping in the New England breeze.

I saw the other crazy van parked outside Sears. It seemed a strange place for Jewish affectionados of Hasidic space travel to park their wheels. I would have expected them to shop in a less banal retailer. It got a lot of attention from little boys and bemused men. I had the feeling that if a driver or passengers had shown up, we would have all walked quickly away.

I’ll keep my eyes ” peeled for wheels”. Watch this space.

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