Stars awoke

On the darkest day
On the cloudy November day
When we turn the hands
Of the watch, of the clock,
When we wring our hands
To wring from the short day
A little light.

On that short dark day
See the stars, the stars of scintillating, sparkling, spangling light
Shine in you.

Diamonds waiting in you to blaze and blink
To dazzle and blind
With joy.
Lighting the stars in me
The touch of your calm hand on mine.

See how the tree, the little bush
Blazes up with star-light
Its last leaves kindled, radiant.
Endless star light bursts forth from its leaves.
And now from my smile, my eyes
From my hand warmed by your hand.

So,shine out then with diamonds, stars, gems, spangles
Shine as does the little tree.
A touch of your hand – my stars awaken
And shine.


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