Roofs in St Andrews




image                  image


I forgot many things in preparing for this trip.  I forgot my hairbrush, my waterproof shell, my painting kit.  I was a bit scattered.  I was distracted by my preoccupations, my emotions, my worries about how I would manage the rented car, the various parts of the trip.  It is a classic hidden belief of many seemingly capable people that they are ” pretenders”; that they are not really so able, so confident, so adult.  I have this feeling sometimes.  It was a familiar surprise when I discovered how many things I had forgotten.  None of them are vital and most were rectified by a trip to the remarkably well-stocked dollar store in this little town.  So, here is a picture of the roofs of the Main Street in St Andrews.  And here is a photograph of what I noticed and liked very much-the sharp daring roof lines of the buildings.  It was painted with a one dollar kit if children’s’ watercolours .  For you to judge.




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