No, it’s not too soon!





It’s not end of August yet.

We had such a wet summer!

The climate is ruined


No matter what you say, these leaves are turned and it is early fall.  The light is different, you need a blanket to sleep comfortably at night.  People are saying ” come in, the water’s lovely”.  It is lovely but it’s not the lovely of a scorching day, a sweaty body falling into the refreshing water, the sun hot on wet flesh.  We have a hard time letting go of summer.  Well, it is beautiful, green, kind, indulgent of insects, birds, plants, us walking around with no shoes and in very little clothing.  Why shouldn’t we love it, cling to it.


And yet. . . look at those colors just blazing out.  Soon whole hills will be alive with that color, highlighted with evergreens, with the red of sugar maples, with the slender trunks of birch.  The vivid blue of the sky against those colors will please us too, after all.  Then we’ll have a nostalgia for fall too.  As the leaves blow in the wind, we’ll be sorry to let go of fall as well.  What are these seasons that we cling to them like old lovers?  The only one who loses his charm too soon is winter.  He’s like a charming visitor who becomes boring and burdensome when he stays too long.  

All that will come later.  Today is for sitting in the sun and enjoying the leaves with a lazy thought of putting away the summer clothes and hunting around in the sock drawer.

One thought on “No, it’s not too soon!

  1. It’s my favorite season, somewhat melancholy yet comforting to know that even endings carry beauty confirming that all continues in our world even though somewhat predictably.


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