Where are the blue petals?






This bush, one of the few plants in my garden whose name I do not know, was covered with pretty blue flowers until a heavy rain two days ago.  Every green seed pod you see was the centre of a blue flower with at least four sky blue petals.  Now that’s a sad thing, not to be able to say exactly how many petals there were on each flower!  They were a bit past their prime and I had my eye on the little bush thinking I would have to cut it down soon.  It was the kind of plant that is useless to cut and add to a bunch of cut flowers.  The petals fall immediately.  Not a sort of “hold up flower” like a rose or peony.  Anyway this morning out I went in a most beautiful breezy morning to bow to the day and I found that the little plant is bare and, how mysterious. . . not a blue petal to be seen. . . not one!  What happened to them all.  Don’t tell me the wind because one would have been left, surely.  I din’t think birds would like to eat them, do you.  Total mystery!  If any of you can enlighten me, please do!


The picture below is the last of the peonies cut off.  I like the centre of this.  Flowers look random, bright, a bit messy but look what geometry is at their heart.  Now I must go and look at my sweet peas in the front.  I have an idea I trained them up going counterclockwise instead of clockwise and that’s why they are a bit slow coming.  There again, order and geometry.  Shaping up to a lovely day.  Have a soft one, dear readers.



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