Shakespearean sonnet



This is a hard form so. . . just so you know, it has to be in five stressed syllables to a line (iambic pentameter) .  It has to have 14 lines, the last 2 being a couplet that sums things up and the other lines have to be three four-line sections .  The first 4lines set out the theme, second four lines expand and third four lines bring in an objection or problem.  Oh, the rhymes have to go like this:abab.  cdcd.   efef. And then the end couplet  gg.  Got it?  Good!  Of course mine is about the garden and. A bit of a fight I had with a guy about noise yesterday. Only I couldn’t think of a rhyme for “heat pump”.




I sit beneath the shade of early leaves

A bower in my garden on the lane

The coloured blossoms and the sweet scent weaves

A spell that keeps me bound, for here I reign.

Enclosed and claimed as mine.  Here I am queen

The life of each dear flower gives me grace

You may not criticize or intervene

But, take a glass of wine -or an embrace.

But nothing is eternal, that I know

Heaven at siege, the war is well begun.

The city’s press, a neighbor’s radio

A little more and beauty is undone.

The little English garden, love it as I do

So it can stand each year and bloom anew.

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