Borrowed plumage




Today day the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts opens the Faberge Exhibit.  I will be guiding today and for the next two months.  I have already done the “walk through” that guides are permitted before the show officially opens.  It is really lovely and all my fears if how such tiny objects could be displayed to advantage have been put to rest.  I have studied quite a lot but I admit to a bit of a jumble in my mind as to some dates but, the “borrowed plumage” will carry all that along.  My dear friend Masha kindly lent me this beautiful necklace of Easter egg pendants and I am afraid my vanity made me jump at the chance to wear it for this exhibition.  It is very interesting from a historical and social perspective too.  Of course the true gold and creative genius are exemplified in the bottom picture but. . . sometimes we can indulge our worldly side too, I suppose.



4 thoughts on “Borrowed plumage

  1. Hi, I’m a journalism student in Montreal working on a piece (class assignment) about the Faberge exhibit. Are you interested in answering a few questions about the exhibit today? I’d love to get a first-person perspective from someone who must know the collection well! Let me know,



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