The feast of San Antonio




Somehow how this reminds me of The Godfather.  Wasn’t there a parade like this at one point?  In my little neighbourhood there are several churches.  One huge monument has been turned into a theatre.  French Canadians no longer to church.  It seems a very odd idea that enormous churches like Our Lady of Perpetual Help must be kept intact and is considered a heritage building when the reason it was built no longer exists.  Don’t get me wrong, I value architecture and love wandering old buildings.  But something in me wants the reason the building was built to still be pertinent.  Well, the little San John Bosco still is pertinent.  People go there and every year we welcome summer with this darling parade.  I love the kid sitting on the float and those wild Knights of Columbus outfits.  There is a band that plays crazy Italian music in a minor key and the main cheerleader is a priest who sits in a limo with a mike and leads the singing and praying.   People sit out on the front balcony and watch and the police come  on bikes and hang around.  It is just lovely.  I love San Antonio and I am happy this little parade winds through my neighbourhood.  Summer’s here!

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