missed yesterday


And that is OK.  I had a hard time entering the blog the day before.  It’s a bit frustrating to have an idea and to have to wrestle to get it out.  Studying today for a tour in Contemporary Art this afternoon at the Museum.  I am going to look at two works by Jim Dine and one by Frank Stella and some other stuff.  It is a bit daunting as this is not really my big area of interest or study but . . .  that means I have to learn and that is good.  I love Jim Dine and urge anyone interested in learning about this giant of modern art to look at some interviews on You Tube.  He is very personable and articulate and awe inspiring in output and variety of what he does:  painting, sculpture, print-making, poetry, performance art, whole decors for rooms.  He is just wonderful.  What I like is that he takes ordinary articles or stuff we see around us all the time and works and reworks them – like the hearts you see above or bathrobes or tools or Pinocchio.  Love the guy.  Also a little glimpse into the work of the great creator at the bottom of the page.  Have a soft day out there.



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