A cardinal’s breakfast ( and there’s the robin)



A cardinal family in a fir tree

Was enjoying a damp misty morning

When a visitor came, “Oh, dear, who is he?”

said the Mum bird, “Do look dear, as I am just warming

a nice bit of worm for the little ones, three

and I can’t be disturbed when I’m making the tea.”


So old Dad fluttered off, just to have a look round

And he spied an old squirrel all mangy and grey.

“Hey, you rascal,” he cried, “Just get back on the ground!

There’s no snack for you here.  Yes, just be on your way!”


Well, Mother heard this and her feathers got ruffled

And she puffed herself up, all set for a scuffle.

“Touch my babies!  You rodent!

I’ll dive bomb that fellow and I will prevent

his marauding.  Sit tight, chicks, for Daddy and I

are on guard.  Now see how we  fly!”


So, the good parents swooped just as fierce as two eagles

For a squirrel around?  Why that couldn’t be legal!

But when they got back they became quite downcast

For the worm wasn’t there.  Well there went their breakfast!

Yes, a robin quite rude had stolen their food.


“Robbing robins and squirrels indeed!” said poor Mum

“This is not a good nest site.  Now search for a crumb.

for my tum is quite rumbly.  And the little ones must

have a worm or a beetle or maybe a crust.

Off you go, Dad. I would even accept a green bean

But next year, I insist that we nest in Lachine.

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