Faberge and the wild world







Gasping over a delicate Faberge dandelion clock

of rock crystal, gold, diamonds and asbestos fibre  mimicking

the fluffy down that we, as children picked and blew away into the careless world.

We prepare in our museum to show and to revere

the skill, the value and the beauty of this and other


The dark green leaves of nephrite

that look like those we picked on cool spring days

with a sharp knife and savoured as the first salad

of our salad days.

Look how the “water” in the crystal glass

looks just like water.

How can we marvel at this

object, ornament,  museum piece,

Yet scorn, hate, poison and destroy

the tender miracle that dots the lawn or brightens up the lane?

See how we shake out heads and hurry up to

do the weeding in the garden early in the day

For we must show this afternoon

the treasures of the master, Faberge.

One thought on “Faberge and the wild world

  1. Love it! Who would’ve thought: a dandelion in God’s hands or in Faberge’s? And yet Faberge, the man, is God’s creation, so it all comes around full circle, right?


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