A mysterious engraving

Well the internet is up and running again after some very frustrating days.  I had long conversations with people in various parts of the globe (one told me it was 42 degrees where she lived).  That made our 8 degrees seem very miserable.  I’m not much of a lover of heat but I sure could use some right now.  The young technician who came to fix my computer was was a cheerful young chap.  I thought it was not the sort of job I would like; coming in to the homes of strangers where everything looked odd, out of place, strange and new and then sitting down and playing around with their possessions.  He was not a cool type of person and constantly made comments to himself and even asked me questions about t hings that were total mysteries to me.  We got along well.  Often I have the impression that service providers who come into my home to fix various appliances or things like water heaters are under strict instructions not to chat with the customers.  This guy was off the leash in that respect.  I liked it.  It was a bit more natural and I almost offered him a coffee when he had finished but – – – then I remembered myself.  During his visit I accessed a web site where I have made a few submissions over the past two months.  I received my first rejection notice.  How tactful things are these days.  Instead of “rejected” the note beside my title reads “complete”  Completely lousy, completely worthless or completely mediocre.  Probably none of those but just completely “not what we are looking for at this time”  Oh well, I have another 6 pieces waiting on that site and some others out there in the world too.  I have to be patient and hopeful.  Mainly I am.

Today I went to Pilates.  I had forgotten how good it is.  I lie on a mat in a room full of young women and do my best to keep my shoulders away from my ears and to suck in my stomach and work my way through “the hundreds”.  I am so glad I started again.  Tomorrow I have my first Spanish lesson.  I made up my mind to learn something for the next time I go to San Miguel.  I wonder what the instructor will be like.  I have taught English in my day and I am a bit strict in my standards.  Buenas Noches amigos.

Oh, if anyone can enlighten me about this print that I got at a Church bazaar, I would be very happy.  There is a ticket on the back but I don’t understand what it says.





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