A cool cozy dreamy day






The sky is that pale whitish-grey that means it will drizzle and drip until it is good and ready to stop.  My freshly pruned rose bushes are happy, robins are happy, I am happy.  I’m not going to stir out of my house this day.  I am wearing a cosy (and yes, you can spell it both ways) housecoat that my mother used to wear.  I have put the heat on just a touch in the kitchen.  I have already seen my grandchildren today and cleaned up after their visit.  I am OK in my little house that looks out onto the garden trying and trying its best to look spring-like.  Raindrops are hanging from every rung of the fire escape and from every twig.  The cats are hiding under the hedge and I am glad of the cleansing rain.  Today we read a bit out of “The Secret Garden”  It is very ambitious to read that to children of the 21st century but they asked for it themselves today.  That is a bit of a triumph when I have to compete with Pokemon.  It is very old fashioned when you analyze it.  The heroine is described as ugly, disagreeable and spoiled for most of the book.  The supporting characters are a house servant, a gardener and a wild uneducated boy.  My grandchildren have never met people like that.  They’ve never heard of a moor or a wind that is wuthering.  There are long pages without any pictures and soon the male counterpart of Mistress Mary (who really is quite contrary) will appear.  He is just as unattractive as she is.  The robin is the great savior.  He is the character they know and love and see around their home.  He is the link between the real world and the mysterious world of the Secret Garden.  I think they like the broad Yorkshire dialect even though I have to explain sometimes what it means.  I love these old books and I was very happy when they asked for more and even asked for another chapter when the first was finished.  They were a bit torn as they also love to play “the game” downstairs in the basement.  More about “the game” another time.

I have booked my holiday in Grand Manan for late in summer when the whales come.  I love Grand Manan – out in the Bay of Fundy.  The island is cut off, wild and windy and full of birds with two of the best lighthouses I have ever seen:  Swallow Tail Light and Southwest Head Light.  I am so happy I have finally made up my mind to spend some time on that island that I love so much.  I’ve been before but only for a couple of days at a time.  Must pray for good weather now. Still there are many good days here in Montreal before that comes.  On Monday it is the sign up for the Faberge exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  I will guide that and on Monday I will have my dates assigned.  Lots of studying to do about this fascinating collection.  Have a dreamy day all.

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