Outside the city




Today day is one of the few brilliantly sunny ones we have had for many weeks.  I decided to go for a long drive in hopes of finding snow geese.  There is an old road that follows the river so I took that and although I only saw a flock of Canada geese, I saw other wonderful things. I saw the great river disturbed by a bit of an upriver wind that caused many whitecaps.  I saw some beautiful little villages.  I saw a dear little chapel with the door open so I went in.  When I remarked to the gentleman sweeping up inside that it was unusual to find a church open except for hours of service, he simply said,”this is not Montreal”.  I saw a beautiful basilica – that’s the picture for today.  It’s the church of st Anne who is a patron of sailors.  You will excuse me cutting jthis a bit short but a cat is having kittens right now in my yard.  Until tomorrow

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