Working in the garden

Still floundering around in deep snow but managed to prune all the vines.  It is not going to be too warm  for the next few days so I have great hopes this year.  It was wonderful to see how what was once powder, formed snowflakes or even snow of a flour consistency is changing into a mass of crystals that are slowly melting, pulling away from the walls of my house, pulling away from the fence, evaporating, leaving the world.  I know they’re not really leaving; just changing into something else.  Matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Wonderful idea, isn’t it?  What about people, then?  What about souls, thought, dreams?  Something to wonder about.  As if I didn’t have enough to wonder about.  Oh, just for my blog readers, my photo gives you something to wonder about too,

I am  certainly wondering who on earth will be my next tenant.  Montreal is home to some colourful characters and a good number of them seem to be determined to live right over my head.  Thank heavens for credit check.  A couple whom I fell a little in love with ( you know the kind of falling in love I mean- being charmed and wondering if I had ever quite seen that color green in a person’s eyes before), well I guess other people had fallen in love with them too as it turns out that their credit rating was quite alarming.  Still I am persisting and it is quite an interesting process.  One of my life rules is:  don’t take anything personally.  It is a very helpful principle and I can only hope that the people I turn down adhere to the same idea.

Just to finish about the garden(I think my upcoming blogs will be a bit more organized.  The trouble is I am not too familiar with the writing tools). Anyway, the snowy garden is wonderful.  Blinding sun, buds out already and that funny Montreal Spring smell.  Strange to say but my hands smelled sort of musty.  I think I can safely pull the pine boughs out of the window boxes, don’t you?  What's this?

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