And here it is Spring

New leaves
Trout Lily

A real sign of spring for me. They have that name because of the brown spots on the leaves that supposedly look like the skin of a trout. In the large park adjacent to my home I saw the start of new life.

Willow tendrils and tiny catkins

White and blue violets are out too and that brash and beloved sign of spring, dandelion!

Bees, enjoy!

The temperature was just right and it was good to get back to my regular walk. The peace and quiet was particularly welcome since they have been testing the fire alarm in my building all afternoon!

My friends have told me all about the ice storm of a few weeks ago and I could see evidence of it. Among the new growth were plenty of fallen trees

New life to replace what has fallen

My lemon trees are out on the balcony and a curious squirrel took one look at my evil eye and turned tail ( literally).An opening salvo in my war on these critters.

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