Yesterday, Showers and wonders

I had an early coffee get-together with friends from my shirt stretch on the Portuguese Camino. Then I felt overwhelmed by the crowds in the centre of town and spend a little time in a park close to my lodgings. The skies were mixed as is so often the case in Galicia. The owner of my Alberge seems to have tapped into my mood. He thrust an umbrella into my hand and encouraged me to take a short hike up a nearby hill.

An apple tree in bloom
Holly in bloom

See the little white fuzzy things. I had never thought about it but the berries come from somewhere!

No idea! A fur tree with red blooms. What is this?
I got a bit lost in a wood but here was the fairy tale gate to get out
From the top of the hill
Someone got his compostella!

This is not the first pup I have seen who accompanied his master or mistress and was accorded his certificate!

Lucas from Portugal!

As I was chatting with a friend in the alberge in the evening a familiar voice called out “ Isobel”! Lucas and I worked together in the alberge in Porto. What were the chances that he would be spending the night here before moving on to his next assignment outside of Pamplona. A real “ soul” – it was a joy to talk with him again and to wish him all the best for the rest of the summer and in his academic future, now secured with a place in a Dutch university. What a happy surprise!

Last day in Santiago today!

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