More sights from Santiago

This is how you start to plan a day

Santiago is an old town. Even Google maps has the little arrow going round and round. There are many squares and the address of some buildings you might want to visit are simply the names of the squares. I spent a good half an hour circling a church ( lots of those) looking for a monastery on one site of it. There is a famous museum on there. When I found it….. it was closed. Ah well!

The end of camellia season
They are big trees!

At the top of a hill that is a

A statue of the poet Lorca

At the top of a hill that is a lovely park, a favorite of mine appeared. This was just below the little church of St Suzanna ( a martyr who refused to marry her betrothed). A very kind female Anglican minister had a long chat with me. I seem to be hanging out with a lot of clergy lately…wonder where it will lead!

First nuns in habits I’d seen

Knock and it shall be opened unto you”

Now here’s a challenge. Look up St Peter’s second letter and see what you make of it. It will turn into a surprise before I leave Santiago! Promise!

3 thoughts on “More sights from Santiago

  1. Ooooh my that looks so good, always better in someone else’s venue, as they say. Not sure why you are coming home early but I’ll be happy to see you. I haven’t had a chance to read your blogs. We’ve been very busy in Victoria with my sister who is not well and the day I came home my 94yo (Madeleine, I forgot you know her) she fell and broke her arm. They sent her home alone the same day as the surgery and the next day she passed out flat on her face and broke an orbital bone. All of which explains why I haven’t been near the computer for a long time. I have become an habituée of the JGH. Hope you are ok. Lula is back in hospital, Mara let me know. What else is knew. Poor Arianthi. Talk to you later. Spring seems to be on permanent hold here.



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