The plane set off late since out of a clear sky a squall arose snd the wings had to be deiced. Air Canada seems to have decided that their seats should be designed for hobbits with the result that the passengers squirm around all night unable to sleep.

We arrived late in Lisbon and having wandered around the airport I finally found my backpack which had been consigned to bulky items because I took the chance of collapsing my hiking poles and taping them on. “Bulky items” are mainly baby strollers or mysterious metal boxes or huge bags containing surf boards. I waited an hour and then trotted off to lost and found . There was my bag sitting on a trolley. By this time I felt I deserved a taxi to my “ hostel”

Three flights carrying my backpack

And although the view from the top floor is worthy of Hitchcock it is absolutely charming inside.

The staff are very friendly and the bed blessedly comfortable. Apparently there is a nice family style dinner tonight.

I got lost several times in the twisty streets full of stunning architecture but since I can now wear sandals it was a lovely walk.

Around the corner from hostel

I hope I don’t fall asleep over the soup. Sintra tomorrow it I don’t get lost.

5 thoughts on “Enstalled!

  1. Yay! You made it! Welcome! However, I do not know what city you are in! ( (A nd if we do another book of your travels such details are worth it)


  2. So glad you arrived safely WITH baggage. What a staircase. Looks like the way up was down into the den of iniquity. Sandals. How lovely. Cold here and sunny. By the time you get this you will have found your way.



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