My Sunflower

My sunflower shed pollen today

I didn’t even know they did that! The Montreal summer has been alternately cool, rainy, stifling, brilliantly sunny and now, at last as the August moon conquers the sun, the days are sunny, warm and decorated with demure white clouds. Finally, of the several sunflower seeds I planted in pots on my balcony one has shot up and delivered its golden rain of pollen. Will it have time to make a crop of seeds I wonder?

A sinister squirrel came creeping around yesterday but I chased him away. He had better not have any designs on my sunflower!

In the country

Last Sunday I went hiking with a dear friend in the country. It was very hot and humid. Rather than hiking it was like wading through treacle. However we did it. The trail was in the Eastern Townships near Freiligsburg. I just loved the colors in the fields that surrounded us.

Summer is almost over but I don’t mind. This friend who comes to sit close to my park seat will stay all winter,

Enjoy each day, Duckie

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