Spring is knocking on my Window

No other sound so intoxicating

Although it is not warm, the sun’s rays are strong enough to melt the snow. The texture of the snow has changed too. No more fluffy deep snow or treacherous plaques of ice covered with a faint dusting. No more crunchy steps, my crampons gripping the pure surface. Now the structure under my feet is airy, corn snow. My trusty poles have kept me upright on a few occasions.

I went by the track where I trained for the Camino, not once, but twice! Damned Covid! How many times did I stomp around the track and up the toboggan hill? I really want to start up again but… as you see the snow is still deep here. However, it will not be long!

Too much snow on the track. Too much snow on the hill

Before that though, I will do a short trip to Vancouver Island. Looking forward to seeing my darling daughter and getting a few hikes in over on Vancouver Island. Time to break out the bear bells!

One thought on “Spring is knocking on my Window

  1. Enjoy your visit with your daughter Isobel. I am now recovering from the Covid, a nasty dose but looking out my window ,Spring has arrived with glorious sunshine every day. I did manage to walk around our garden and get some fresh air. Today the clouds have arrived but still that is Irish weather, sometimes we can have 4 seasons in one day. I liked your picture of your training track and glad for your sake the snow is melting. I too will be happy to get back hiking and replan my next adventures. Take care Isobel 🙂 ❤ Ellie


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