Camino Souvenir Book

Many many thanks to my dear friend Masha Schmemann Tkachuk for putting this together. Shutterfly has a great service which allows smart people like her to create actual books from photos and text.

Beauty of Galicia

As you can see Masha did a great editing job . The material was taken from last fall’s blog posts that chronicled my walk along the Camino Frances. I did blog entries every day because I know how easy it is for individual experiences during a long journey to blend into a general impression. Of course I still have access to the blog posts but I am old-fashioned enough to be thrilled to have a “ real” book in my hands.

It has been a long, difficult winter that still drags on. Receiving this book in the mail lifted my spirits. The day before I found another happy surprise in my mailbox… the Brierley guidebook for the Portuguese Camino. Hmm, I’m thinking September.

Many thanks to Masha and looking forward to working on the next one!

2 thoughts on “Camino Souvenir Book

  1. That looks lovely Isobel. Well done, I would love to have it, you write so well. My plans have been halted because of many different situations, so no America right now and no Camino untill september 15th I do the french route once more for charity “Multiple Sclerosis and somewhere I will do the Portuguese route.just not sure when. Keep up your good work Isobel ,take care x Ellie 👏


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