What to say when I paint the bathroom

That looks fantastic

These are examples of what to say when you see the new paint job that I did all by myself. The word “why “ is to be avoided at all costs. This is why:

Correct reaction:who has a charcoal grey bathroom?

Oh, and note that the paint spots are on brown paper which I carefully put down to protect the ( charcoal grey) floor.

So, “ Why” in regard to my not liking grey, choosing pale pink, the texture of the paint, the technique, random smudges or any other issue is a word you should use very carefully.

I would welcome it in any reaction such as , “ Why didn’t I know you were such a great decorator? “ or “ Why don’t you come over and advise me on my color scheme?” Just remember psychology 101 when they taught you that every question is a challenge.

Best to stick to exclamations of admiration and praising my skill. Now, the unfinished part of my project is …ta da! Turning my grotesque bathtub into a greenhouse. Call it an urban spa, call it a great way of getting plants out of my way, call it just Isobel’s decorator eye. As soon as my grow lights go up you can call me Tarzana!

3 thoughts on “What to say when I paint the bathroom

  1. I hope you have a shower. Let’s talk this week.📞

    On Sun., Dec. 5, 2021, 8:52 p.m. nanreis34, wrote:

    > Have you filled your bathtub with plants? > E > > > > Sent from my Galaxy > > >


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