OK it’s official

I have post Camino blues. Negotiating the red tape and Covid details of getting into Canada was distracting but, let’s face it, shopping for food and going through the mail is boring. My body misses the long routine of walking, walking, climbing up slopes, stopping to rest or drink cafe con leche.

The far horizon, the wind, the smell of things cannot be found nearby

I have no initiative to go out, to write, to cook. The weather was brilliant today but…well, as the Stoics would say, “ If a thing can be endured, endure it”. Funny, during the last few days in Europe, I was so anxious to come home and yet, there is something flat about being here.

Today is all saints day. Tomorrow I will climb up the mountain and visit my mother’s grave. I think that will fulfill the need to walk a long way and the need to connect with this place again.

One of her favorite flowers

6 thoughts on “OK it’s official

  1. Hello Isobel Welcome back! I have no doubt that you have the post camino blues. Just as you write the endless sky, the breeze, the uncertainty of what each day will bring you! There have been times when I have travelled that I felt I could just go on forever. Not very realistic that’s for sure!

    Would love to have you over with some other guides. Let me know when would be a good time.


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  2. I am not surprised that have post Camino blues! Your journey was so intense, the impressions so numerous! New friends, and a whole suitcase full of beautiful images and memories!
    Now, as you, as they say in Russian “come back into yourself”:( Прийти в себя), sort through your daily blogs and put it all together into a memory book and revisit the journey in a different way!

    Welcome home, happy birthday!
    Love, Masha

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  3. I can understand your feelings. Finally at about 2 o’clock i locked Tia in the basement as i could not take the whinkng anc barking. I joined her about 45 minutes later abf we had out nap  woke up at 4 and went for our one hour walk at 5. She behaved herself during the walk and ate all her supper.Just pull out a book and take your mind off the past monthRELAX and get a good night’s sleep.

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  4. Hi Isobel, I certainly understand the Camino blues.there is such freedom. When doing the Camino and I know there is hardships but they are hardships of nature. When we get up we are back in a more materialistic world and we tend to conform to it. Since I first started hiking my body and mind long for that freedom even if its for one day in the week which is why I still hike . It was a great achievement what you did and that journey will be with you forever. .Best wishes ❤ Ellie

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    • Ellie, I want to really thank you and Peggy for encouraging me. Sometimes I think with your blue ponchos on that rainy day of the famous descent you were a bit like magic fairies fluttering around me and making sure I was safe. The sky is just lightening up this morning and I have made up my mind to go on a long early walk up the mountain that sits in the middle of Montreal. After that I have to get to work on writing and organizing my pictures. Love and thanks to you and Peggy


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