Sweetening up the world



Here are some friends of mine adding to the beauty and  sweetness of the world. Last weekend I went to see my friends Judith and Dick play Bluegrass music at the Verdun farmers’ markeDxt. It is held in summer beside the beautiful St. Lawrence River. The humidity was gone and it was relaxing to sit and hear the guitar and mandolin accompanying the duo’s harmonies. I love Bluegrass and these two are really talented.

Above are my neighbours, Stephan (yes, without an “e”) and Danny. They are tending their beehive in the yard just down the lane from my house. It is almost time for the bees to go to sleep. I think of their murmuring echoing in the strumming of instruments over the city even when their hive is covered with snow. The golden honey sits in the jars ready to soothe voices and to feed our love of sun and sweetness.

Many people around me are making beauty and it is lovely to notice them.

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