Good Friday


At last night’s Good Friday service we sang for a long time. Orthodox Christians sing what are called the Lamentations of the Virgin and also the Cannon which show the many Old Testament references to Christ’s burial in the tomb. ( think Jonah in the whale). I must say my faith is very clouded and in some ways I envy people who entertain no doubts about their faith whatever it may be. I even envy confirmed atheists for their conviction. Anyway, I still love  to sing these long and profound services. Last night after it was over, one of the choir members began to sing by himself in that dark chapel  I understood it was the many verses of the Lamentations. He was singing in Romanian in a melody that was not familiar to me. It happened that during this Holy Week the daughter of a couple who have attended our church for many years died. I went to sing at the funeral on Thursday. Last night that single voice brought home to me the reality of all the parents who lose children. The idea of God suffering and dying as a human was in that music. The world and the human spirit can be very beautiful in spite of tragedy. 

It is very cold for Pascha this year. In the cemetary I was amazed to see snow melting and running away in a beautiful little stream in spite of the bitter wind. The bright sun was strong enough to do that. So Pascha brings in hope for better days.  


2 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Christ is Risen! Your reflections on the beauty of hymns sung on Holy Friday spoke to my heart. Mary lost her son, my daughter lost hers. Our friends just lost their daughter. This unspeakable sadness is reflected in the service on Friday when the Lord’s mother’s lamentations are sung…what beauty springs from sorrow! And we have renewed hope for the resurrection of our lost loved ones.


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