Look what I’ve been doing!

For the whole month of November I’ve been dong the Novel in November thing 

 Ever heard of this? Neither had I until last year when I was too lazy and unmotivated to produce the 1500 to 2000 words per day to give me  some sort of mish mash that is to be edited into, ta da! a novel. Well today is the last day and I still don’t quite know how I will get the father of that murdered guy to forgive the  perpetrator ( who is the hero of the story, btw). I have over 60 thousand words and I am glad of that. The numbers are how many words I did that day.

I am so excited about this as I will have a great project to work on for the next month ( year?) or so. There is a bit of research to do as well. How did hunter gatherers stop bears eating their prey anyway? Well, that sort of stuff is less important than characters so I suppose all will come out well in the end. 

If you love my calendar pic you can order from my very talented friend at Simone  Ritter Art. She produces wonderful art on commission and has a series of the cutest camper calendars and cards. Go check out her site for nice  Christmas gifts. 

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