They’re back!!!

The hummingbirds, I mean.  This evening just before sunset we heard the unique burring noise of a hummingbird coming to the feeder.  We eventually saw three scrappy little miracles at the feeder, fighting and whirring around.  It is a wonderful sight and a sign that Spring really is here.  It had better be as everything is now planted – potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bush beans, green peas, peppers and hot peppers (risky as they like it hot) cucumbers and a hopeful melon vine. We are forecast freakish hot weather for the next two days so it is a good thing that the creek is nice and full.  The furrows are slightly sloped down hill so the irrigation should be quite efficient.  We can only hope for a bit of help from nature and not a parched summer like last year. There was not a drop of rain in the month of July if I remember rightly.  However, we must just hope for the best.

The birds are wonderful.  We have quite a contingent of blue jays.  I always admired them but since I learned that they are pretty savage, breaking the eggs of other birds and eating fledglings, they have lost their luster for me.  The good news is that the little nest in the shed once more has an occupant and that one of Joe’s finely crafted bird houses has an occupant.  As a precaution against the damned jays Joe partially blocked the entry hole in the shed to make it too small for them to get in.  The bird in the new birdhouse is brave and curious.  She sits at the little hole and looks out, her  black head quite visible – like the newcomer to the neighborhood that she is.  I had my doubts about that birdhouse being occupied as it is in a very exposed spot on top of a fence post but she seems to have taken to it.  The blackbird in the tree hole is very happy. Oh, we saw the crane again this evening too.  She (or he) was stalking quietly around the bush in the farmer’s field.  I suppose they pay a visit to the swamp over the trail for frogs who produce quite a din as soon as it is evening. Frog chorus almost like bells tinkling.

It is impossible to get shots of birds except for the flashy jays and I refuse to give them the publicity so here are some lovely shots of white and blue violets that have come out and are quite lovely next to the brilliant dandelions. I never can quite understand why people have a distain for dandelions.  I think they are beautiful – certainly better than the poison people liberally spray around to try to get rid of them…..OK, OK, another time.

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