imageWho can resist?  There’s more than the delicious taste of the taste of sugar,  butter eggs, and vanilla on those beaters.  Who was the one who let us lick the spoon as she made cakes?  My memory of my mother making cakes is of her sitting close to the fire so the butter would be soft and beating for a long time wih a fork.  She didn’t even have a whisk much less an electric beater.  If she was making something that required a very light batter, my grandmother might take over and give her a spell.  My grandmother was the one to pronounce on the subject of temptation.  She would quote a Methodist hymn.”Yeild not to temptation, for yielding is sin.  Each victory will help you some other to win.”  The whole of life was a battle against temptation to do wrong.  The greatest wrong was not to do your duty.  That is not to say she never had fun.  On the contrary, she loved to go out and it was she who took me to so many Hollywood musical movies.  Westerns were also a great favorite.  There was no question of not going on holiday or on an outing.  She was a smart dresser and never skimped on good food.  So, what forbidden indulgence would tempt her, I wonder?  She hated the smell of cigarettes and had never touched any alcoholic drink since she ” took the pledge” as a teenager at a revival meeting.  I think she struggled most with her temper.  She had little patience with laziness or stupidity.  She was a master of the one-liner and a scornful tut and a toss of her head was enough to stop any thoughtless talk.  “How exasperating!”doesn’t sound like a very violent outburst, but the depth of feeling it expressed make us all realize that her iron will had somehow been thwarted,.  Yes, I think for my beloved grandmother, not getting her own way presented the greatest temptation of falling into a fit of temper.  Hmm…perhaps I inherited more than the nose, after all.

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