On a recent excursion to the Montreal Botanical Gardens, I spotted berries glistening in the sun.  All around us were interesting plants and, since it is harvest time, we had an opportunity to see corn, sunflowers, cabbage and other crops at the last stage of growth.  Winter is coming and soon these plants will be under a thick blanket of snow.  I thought these berries were like jewels, glowing as they hung in clusters among beautiful green leaves.  Is there any coral or ruby necklace that is more beautiful than this?  The fleeting nature of this lovliness makes it more precious still.

My other latest collector’s item is a little more permanent.  My young grandson enjoyed collecting stones on a recent trip to the river’s edge.  He is convinced that he will make his fortune selling these treasures and no grandmother would burst such a bubble. After a bit of haggling, the transaction was made and I was proud to wear my pendant on a string.  Just as I am not sure what berry I admired in the Gardens, I don’t know what sort of stone this is. Perhaps close examination by an expert will reveal the secret.  If I can pierce a little hole in it, I will be happy to wear it on a chain

Precious things we pass over without really noticing.  The most precious things .

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