Just the bare facts



A pleasant evening stroll in the  nearby town of Parry Sound last evening brought my host and I face to face with a large black bear.  It was about 20 meters away enjoying a flower garden in a residential area  of town.  In my shock and surprise I ducked behind a car that had stopped to take a look at the bear and begged the young couple to let  us in if the bear decided to investigate ….us.  They seemed quite blasé but when their dog started barking and the bear turned to see what was going on, I was panic stricken.   The bear simply lumbered off into the thick bushes along the path of our proposed stroll.  For once..for once ….I had left my iPad at home so  –  no shot.  At news time it was reported that there were more than 30 reports of bear sightings in Parry Sound last week.  The police basically issued a statement saying ” don’t bother us.”  Soooo. …. Here’s my take on it.


Take a selfie with that bear

Show your teeth and toss your hair.


Make a duck mouth – go quack quack

A black bear will sure like that!


The police say ” Don’t call us.

It’s bear country, make no fuss.”


Don’t like wild life,? Move away.

Bears must roam both night and day.


Park at Sobey’s.  There they are!

Making love to a small car.


Pose with Teddy, fur so black.

“Don’t chew on my arm like that”


Oh, he gobbled up my phone.

Now. mom can’t call me from home.


Seguin trail is good for hiking

My long distance bill is spiking!


In  a black bear’s round fat tummy

is my iPhone…that’s not funny!


Next stop Parry Sound’s Best Buy

The Geek Squad will ask me why.


My screen looks all brown and sticky

And my keyboard’s rather icky.


Here’s a lesson for us all

Don’t chase black bears in the fall.







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