Treasure at the Side of the Road



Walking today through a shady trail and then along  the side of a country road to return home I was struck by the variety and beauty of what was growing in the strip between the asphalt and the ditch.  Cornflowers blue and white daisies, a tiny sort of snapdragon of acid yellow and clover and speedwell  and a tall species of dandilion  just going to seed.  There were so many types of grasses to admire.  Some were a sort of wheat judging from the shape and others a trembly fan of seeds spread out.  I saw tight cones on the end of tall stems and others with a frill of yellow pollen around the seed head.  There were some plants I could not identify  –  all so beautiful and growing along quite happily without fertilizer or regular watering.  It was perhaps fitting to see this wonder after the text of yesterday from Matthew. ( chapter 6 verse 22 and keep on reading) You can look it up yourself if you are interested.  So pertinent and so true.

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