The Sun


From these pictures you have an idea of how the glass sculpture in front of the Montreal Museum is mounted for the summer and put away for the winter.  Dale Chihuly is the master glass creator who made this piece.  It was bought following a spectacular exhibition at the Museum a few years ago.  It is wonderful, a masterpiece and a popular photo op sitting on the steps in front of the original neo- classical building.   You can see how complicated the piece is and what care and effort it takes to store, clean and set it up.

Today I went to the last day of a three-day fair at the Botanical Gardens.  We have a Garden that is justly famous for research, the horticultural school and the sheer size and diversity of the plants it houses.

They all depend on the sun, the natural sun, the sun about which we never give a thought.  The paths of the Garden were full of booths with vendors selling various plants, de orations for the garden, fertilizers….everything fanatical gardeners like me love to obsess over.  It made me think about the sun, about our gardens and how we love to imitate nature.  We are a bit pathetic but I have to admire our courage and inventiveness



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