At Last!


Daffodils are among my favourite flowers.  All the other little darlings that come before: snowdrops, crocus, little blue stars, are beloved, of course.  They can survive snow and have survived several falls this year.  When the  daffodils bloom, though, I know it is really Spring.  These are miniatures and the big magnificent bunch will bloom a little later.  In the second pictures ou can see a strange pale plant growing up beside the blue flowers.  I have no idea what it is!  Well, I have a faint hope it may be a frittillia.  You will have to look that up.  Spectacular and it it survives squirrels I will feel truly blessed.

Speaking  of blessed, I am making soup and snacks for the post church service tomorrow night.  It is daunting to cook soup for thirty people.  It is daunting to transport soup for thirty people in a small car in a hilly city.   That will be tomorrow’s challenge.  Tonight…..reading my poetry wih some very good poets!  Gulp! Come to think of it….gulp tonight and gulp tomorrow night too.

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