Decluttering, not as easy as it sounds



Spring cleaning…turfing things out…getting rid of junk….the Spring impulse!  I’ m game!  I have no problem filling boxes with strange items of clothing.  What on earth made me buy that!? Some of my mother’s things are harder to let go of.  I still have the elegant ensemble in which she attended her eldest granddaughter’s wedding.  I just can’t ! And that silk jacket I think is so pretty but I never have occasion to wear.  I know as soon as I throw it out I’ll get an invitation to some posh event that will require just such a jacket.  Oh well, on to books.

Who needs dictionaries these days?  So, why give them away?  No one else will want them either.  Wind in the willows?  Back on the shelf!  Guide book of St. Petersburg?  Never know, maybe I’ll win the lottery and get there some day.  Art books, language books, children’s  books……they all manage to creep back onto the shelves!

OK paintings!  I have loads gathered over the years and inherited from my mother who was quite a talented amature painter.  There must be something there to dump.  My house is small and I am reduced to rotating all these beloved images.  Come on, Isobel.  How about this rather old fashioned seascape bought in a garage sale years ago for a pittance.  Oh, a signature.  Never noticed that before.  A quick peek into Wikapedia reveals that this guy Wimbush was a minor Victorian painter who produced for a post card company in England in the late 19 th century.  Looks like an original to me.  Oh, this is hopeless. At least it’s all getting a good dusting.

Maybe if I started in the laundry room I could be more ruthless!

4 thoughts on “Decluttering, not as easy as it sounds

  1. I really understand you. I can’t give away things, too. But this painting is wonderful. If you don’t want it anymore, give it to me, I’m a collector of old paintings, too. Have a nice Easter, regards Mitza


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