Small Beauties


Yesterday it was humid and oppressive.  For the second time during my stay here if rained heavily during the evening.  I am hoping that means the air will be clear and fresh this morning.  Late in the afternoon yesterday I swung in the hammock, reading for a few moments, letting the book drop onto my chest,and then, picking it up again to scan the page in that loose easy way that a dozing mind-set permits.  A dark hummingbird, ever busy, chirping, scolding roused me to peel myself out of the swaying net and go and get ready to go out to dinner.  I had a look around the veranda and thought I would share some of the things I saw

The little shop window with the bouquet always has fresh flowers and the tall-man puppet seems to hang out on that street corner.  Can you see in the picture the opening just where his face can peer out.  I was too slow to catch the little boy handing a sandwich in through the unobtrusive hole.  Next time when it is not such a sleepy day.


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