The bride wore running shoes


if she had any sense.  I have seen some intrepid Mexican ladies teetering around this town in high- heeled boots, sandals and pumps but the chic look of the footwear is more than offset by the element of risk.  Any walking surface in San Miguel that is not covered in large and unwieldy cobblestones is booby-trapped with iron hooks, mysterious holes, unexpected steps and slanted entries to driveways.  I have made it an iron-cast rule to stop walking if I want to examine anything interesting like a fountain or intreiging roof-top.  Add to that the fact that the “sidewalks” are designed for slender senioritas or slim-hipped Cowboys and you have the perfect set up for a show-down over who will yield and step into the street.

One  fascinating mystery is that one evening recently when I had downed two strong margeuritas in quick succession, I was able to fly home over every obstacle in record time.  Must think that over…..oh well, off for my morning ” walk”

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