Climate, an element of freedom




You’ll have to take my word for it.  A hummingbird visited this feeder several times yesterday.  I was never quick enough to catch it in a photo.  I sit up on the roof garden of my little apartment and hear birds, music, the recorded messages of gas or water trucks passing by, the calls of children.  Although it is a little cool at night, the sun is quite warm.  Most of the plants up here are dreadfully neglected yet they seem to thrive.

Yesterday I went one a tour of two homes in the area.  Both were decorated to dizzying effect.  Don’t get me wrong, I love colourful homes.  However, I would like the effect to be simply joyful.  Sometimes, more is too much – not less.  The picture below is of a ceiling.  It is covered with ribbon, wire and jewels.  Anyone who knows me will agree that dust is not one of my life preoccupations but the concern did cross my mind when I was confronted with this ceiling treatment.  As for the mosaics, they were truly wonderful, and the work of a lifetime, no doubt.  I like decor to be the expression of a joyful spirit but this was a bit manic for my taste. I know this is simply my weakness — the first time I visited a Costco, Ihad to leave in a hurry— overwhelmed.  I lack capacity to take it all in.  My limitation, no doubt.

I think the hummingbird has the right idea…just a fleeting glimpse of emerald feathers, a pause to be sure I really ” got it” and then off!  In all cases, the mild climate gives animals, plants and humans the freedom to live outdoors.  The results vary.

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