Birthday of a Hero


Today was a holiday here in Mexico.  I should have guessed something was going on when four jets streaked overhead in perfect formation.  A kind friend came to take me to a big supermarket nearby to get basics for my pantry in the apartment where I am staying but we stopped off on the way to watch a parade.  The national hero Allende, for whom this town is named started the Mexican Revolution right here.  We arrived at Main Street just in time to see a parade of soldiers armed to the teeth with tanks, rocket launchers, machine guns and……interspersed with cavalieros and cavallierinas ( now that is my own word). Just add a liberal sprinkling of brass bands and you’re all set to bristle with pride at being Mexican.  Except no one bristled very much.  People just seemed to,be having fun and when it was all over they drifted off for lunch.  Tonight there will be a big party with music on the main square but it is a little forlorn  to attend such a thing alone.  There will be other parties in this town.

Soldiers  marching make me uneasy.  The informal cavalry did not.  In such a show of might, it was lovely to see one of the horsemen doing tricks with his lariat and a darling little girl in a pink dress sitting up in front of her dad on horseback.  I like that the hero’s wreath was laid by the Lion’s Club.  There was something endearing about that parade.

On this cool evening, I managed to find PBS in the plethora of sports, Mexican soap operas, the Simpsons in Spanish on TV. My pantry is stocked.  I just have to tame the gas heater and all will be well.  Hasta la Vista, babies


2 thoughts on “Birthday of a Hero

  1. I’d love to be with you in Mexico, we’ll be going beginning of Feb. to do the tourist thing- but yours sounds much more fun- and exciting to paint!! Maybe we can travel together somewhere- you for writing, me for painting, and tame that gas heater together, ha ha!


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