Let it be bright, then!





You couldn’t get much brighter than this, I think.  Flashy, garish, tasteless?  But there is something alive and vital about it, no? It makes me think of summer.  The heat just radiates out of it.  I imagine wearing light clothes, open shoes, sunglasses.  It makes me think of doing outrageous things…spraying people with the hose or jumping into the pool so that sound is blocked out by the gurgling of water rushing past my head.  I imagine throwing water balloons off the balcony to the delight of my grandchildren who think I have taken leave of my senses.  When will I lie down on a sheet on the grass in the hot dark night and look up at the few stars the streetlight allows to pierce through?  It makes me want to crank up the air conditioning in the car to meat locker levels and to play loud music and speed along.  What makes me think of those things?  That orangy red background?  Those crazy teeth on the right side.

But is wonderful to be able to create such a big powerful thing.  Someone very close to me is making a mural in a private house these days.  I see what  effort and talent it takes to get it right and what pains she takes to get the perspective and the tones in the colors.  I wonder if she will let me post the picture up here.  Stay posted.and check back.  Like the little one below says…….see you!



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