Some of us live in the light…..


and….some in the shadows…hehehe!  Why is it so hard to express a fearful cackle on paper?  Don’t you like this great Halloween garland my granddaughter made.  There’s something about the little mouse on the right that is so sinister.  Love it!  I love Halloween!  I love the permitted “badness” of it, the scurrying around in the dark evening, the disguises, the birthday cake!  Whaaat?  Yes, Halloween is my birthday and I think it’s the most fun day to have a birthday.  I can express my witchy side, so often suppressed and cackle away on the street.  I have had a nice witch hat and a besom broom for a couple of years but today I bought a marked down wig too and the kids are going to be totally shocked! What could be more fun than knocking on the doors of total strangers and demanding candy.  And in the dark!

Now some would say that my witchy side is not so suppressed and that I have a mean  streak.  Well, I am a Scorpio, the most brilliant, jealous and darkly deep of all the zodiac signs.  What could be more boring, anyway, than a goodie goodie little scared thing, never expressing herself or calling to task her sometimes rebellious friends… know who you are!  No, old age, that feared season brings with it hard won wisdom too; the knowlege.that sometimes fate must be brought to heel, curbed to my wicked will. Oh, wow. I could really get into this stuff.

Somehow I think it’s only the spirit of Halloween that is stirring me up and making me get in bad witch character early in the afternoon.  By the time the kids come over in their Ninja and karate costumes to gasp at my blacked out tooth and new wig ( I know it will be a big hit and they will want to try it on), all my venom will have dissipated.  It is exhausting  to be really nasty and I am too lazy.

Halloween is magic though.  I’m so happy there has been a silvery moon lately and I hope the clouds hold off until after trick or treat.  It’s the only holiday that doesn’t require you to be ” good” and that has a wonderful appeal.  It’s a night whirlpool of mystery that lures you into…..who knows what?  Only the little mouse on the wall knows!

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