Under my nose

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Some  of you know I’ve been coaxing a frangipani to bloom and having some success thanks to the miraculous weather.  However, to my great surprise when I looked around my yard a couple of days ago I discovered a huge sunflower that I had completely overlooked.  How,can you miss a thing like this?  My theory is ….”low expectations”. I never liked sunflowers much and this is the first year I have ever grown them.  After a spring clean up, I noticed a few cinder blocks in a neglected corner of the yard.  They were too heavy for me to carry off so I filled them with earth and popped in a couple of sunflower  seeds.  Even these were bargain basement seeds I had picked up in a junk shop.  I didn’t expect them to grow, I didn’t particularly want them to grow.  They were in a shady corner of the yard.  I concentrated on other things.  However, one seed decided to surprise me, to survive, to excel.  While I was fretting over my Hawaiian beauty, this gangly thing shone…and shines in my garden.  Draw the lesson….i won’t bore you….

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