Latin flavour


Coming home from my Pilates class last night, saw this and could not resist. First off, don’t scorn Pilates. It’s the only exercise I’ve ever stuck to and as drops of sweat fall from my brow to the mat I am surprised that I have endured this long ( 2 yrs). Having seen some dear acquaintances already fall prey to immobility, I persist and remember my father’s pithy comment ” Dead things don’t move”. Unfortunate that his sprightly walk took him each morning to the liquor store to buy his little shot and then to the library in the afternoon where he dumped the tiny bottle in a convenient bin. However he stayed on his feet and died a week after taking to the hospital bed. I shall follow his example….the walking not the drinking,and continue my Pilates so I can bend down and pick up whatever it is I drop.

And so to the mural. Very Latin American I think and since it is painted on the side of a Spanish book store, must give credit where it is due. I love the texture of this work and its sprightly nightmarish quality. Something like my father’s walks.



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