The practicalities of snow


Ah, and after the enchantment, the magic, the joy evoked by the first snow storm, comes . . . . the issue of parking. For two days I have been getting around by public transportation and leaving my little red car safe in her increasingly snow-encumbered spot outside my house. Yesterday after helping a lady who had decided to postpone putting on her snow tires get out of her spot, I swapped places and felt very smug. We had shovelled and salted a good exit route. All was well.

When I got home, I found that the city had posted for snow cleaning. I had to move before 7 am. Now, I could wait and see what spots opened up on the un posted side of my own street as people went off to work, but, being the early bird I am, I tooled around and found a nice legal spot a block away. Good enough for me!

The image shows my neighbour. He’s a guy over 70 who decided to dig his own legal spot right across the street from where he is parked right now. I prefer to take my chances over shovelling wet snow for half an hour. Of course, it does raise the problem of who ” owns” the shovelled-out spot. I’ve seen a couple of ugly incidents when two circling motorists spotted the same opportunity. Certainly this morning I pulled an illegal u-turn in the middle of an intersection to get my safe harbour. Well, it was very early, after all. I have a feeling my neighbour will not be happy to see any other car in his little alcove over the next day or so. So, hurry up City of Montreal and plough both sides of the street.

Maybe my friend who moved to Mexico had the right idea!

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