Rain washing the world




Little raindrops pricking my face

like tiny ice pics.

Walking in the parking lot

preparing for a wet evening.

The groceries are bought and a dear friend

will come and fill the evening

fill it like an earthenware jug

full of good clean water.

Rain can cleanse or drench and ruin,

blossoms torn to pieces, their petals lost, so soon, so soon

rain awakening life in roots new grown or quenching thirst.

rain, cause for grumbling, and rightly so for we have waited long enough

but rain will come and rightly so.

Little raindrops pricking my face

like silver pinpricks.



Top ops photo, after just a few days the petals on the Saskatoon berry shrub are falling to decorate the green leaves below aaaand. . . Pic below the consolation of violets n the lane.

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