In the Spirit of the Season

In the Park

As a rule I don’t rush into decorating or playing carols. The 16th of December is my daughter’s birthday and that is the day usually reserved for “starting” the Christmas festivities. This year nature cooperated. Heavy snow has fallen and draped itself beautifully over the bare winter twigs and branches. My tree, hmm yes, my tree has been delivered. It is skinny and frankly pathetic.

Odd but lovable

My grandchildren, when they came to visit were surprisingly merciful and immediately got to work to beautify this rather unlovely tree. The result is that I am starting to love it. It is so meagre, so “ minimalist” as one of the kids remarked, that the old ornaments, full of memory and meaning, are all the more evident.

A feast for the eyes

A struggle to walk the required ten thousand steps. There were lots of cross-country skiers in the park today but I stuck to my boots, well anchored with crampons and my hiking poles.

A Surprise!

Recently many Canada geese came back to the cold ponds of the park. I can’t say I was overjoyed but I certainly thought it odd that should reappear after several weeks of absence. Perhaps they were putting their faith in a warming climate. The heavy snow settling on the frozen water must have convinced them that they were not yet in “Florida Nord “ It was odd to stamp around in thick snow and hear overhead the cries that one associates with brilliant fall colours and strolls through falling leaves. Off they flee to mark Christmas Day in a warmer spot.

Since I have decided to do Christmas shopping “on line” I have had a couple of other surprises too. The former owner of my condo forgot to charge her address and I carelessly opened a package outside my door without checking the name. Fancy chopsticks? Hmm never ordered those! I managed to get them to their right owner but I suppose if I order sight unseen I must expect surprises. like my tree! There are still a few days to see what, and when will end up at my door.