Where Eagles Fly

At seal bay on Vancouver Island

We had a wonderful day today walking in fern and tall tree forests down to the shore where we sighted eight bald eagles. How lovely it was in the cool woods walking down a steep trail to the rocky shore. Out on the channel between the Island and the mainland huge container ships passed each other. They were so far away that at one point it looked as if they would touch noses but, of course they simply glided on by. These wonderful birds flew close above our heads to land in their high nests in shoreline trees.

On top of a mast in the harbour

When we drove into town after our walk we grabbed a coffee at the square next to the harbour and found another eagle perched on one of the masts.

The sun won his battle with mountain clouds

We caught sight of the charter plane coming in from Vancouver. What a lovely day! Thanks to my daughter for such a beautiful excursion.

Water touchdown