Come summer




The lilacs of sweet fragrant glory

are fading, are falling.

and Spring that seduced us with its ancient glory

is fading, is falling.


The lilacs, once glowing, once perfumed

are fading, are falling.

The pink and the purple, the blooms that are doomed

are fading, are falling.


And apple, its pink-faced sweet flowers

are fading, are falling

The glory of Spring that’s the song-bird’s

is fading and falling.


Come summer with iris and roses

come glory and splendour.

Come peony, thunderstorm rainbows

Come glory and splendour.


Cone heat, open lilies

Come glory and splendour.

Come dragonflies, bumble-bees

Glory and splendour.


I’ll sit in the garden, I’ll watch you

I’ll follow you, lead me.

I’ll keep the old rendez-vous

Lead me, oh, lead me.