Timing -it really is important

Red sky in the morning

The building is a banal condo block. The bare trees are part of the boundary of the big park a few steps from my own condo block. And the sky? A minor miracle that, given the right combination of mysterious atmospheric conditions, reminds me of the beauty and joy in this world. If I want to capture it I have to be conscious and present. I have to take the picture because, in a few seconds it will be different. It will still be beautiful, but not quite this glorious. Timing, the right moment to take a picture, to speak that word, to open the door.

Sun and Moon

Moon saying “ GoodDay”

Early in the day, the moon slips quietly down below the horizon. At night she is the great lantern that reigns over us. We stop for a moment in the cold street to bow to her. As the sun lightens up the dark sky, she fades and timidly slips down to the horizon.

Through the trees in the park

Here comes the day, the sun, light, the bustle of the work day. Over and over again, the moon waxing and waning, the sun blazing or hiding in clouds. How often do we tell time or direction by these two? Hardly ever, but they never forsake us . Just this morning they looked at each other, greeted each other and went about their eternal business.

The perks of insomnia


A truly spectacular sunrise today.  My kitchen faces south east, a great advantage in coaxing plants to bloom.  Summer is over now and I must be a little more canny if I want to gather beauty.  This sky and even more spectacular swaths of low opal cloud and a dazzling orange sun rising up were my reward this morning.  I really like how the power wires form a fort of frame at the bottom.  There’s a haiku in there somewhere ….but I need another cup of tea.  Enjoy !