From a few seeds

Now summer is really over. It turns out fall is somehow better than summer – sunny, warm, and sometimes the wonderful fall wind springs up.  Beautiful leaves are tugged off the trees.  The grass is a magical green because of all the rain we had.  The garden was mixed.  Kale a great success, potatoes not bad, the novelty of the blue ones adding an exotic note.  The tomatoes were a disaster.  Swollen and tasteless with rain, sometimes rotting on the vine. There were only a few peppers, onions not bad. The garlic simply disappeared but the onions were fairly good.

And here are these wonders.  Great sunflowers grown on a whim from a few seeds found in an old package that had been shoved into the back of a drawer.  Strong thick stems are still not equal to the task of holding up these great heads.  We stuck one up into a small evergreen as a makeshift bird feeder.  The others, their heads hanging down wait for the first frost.

I love the mysterious geometry of the pattern of the seeds. Look how they spiral around perfectly.  I don’t know why but it reminds me of the complexity of quilting or embroidery.  So much effort in our worlds to create such a pattern.  So effortless in nature.

Under my nose

image image image

Some  of you know I’ve been coaxing a frangipani to bloom and having some success thanks to the miraculous weather.  However, to my great surprise when I looked around my yard a couple of days ago I discovered a huge sunflower that I had completely overlooked.  How,can you miss a thing like this?  My theory is ….”low expectations”. I never liked sunflowers much and this is the first year I have ever grown them.  After a spring clean up, I noticed a few cinder blocks in a neglected corner of the yard.  They were too heavy for me to carry off so I filled them with earth and popped in a couple of sunflower  seeds.  Even these were bargain basement seeds I had picked up in a junk shop.  I didn’t expect them to grow, I didn’t particularly want them to grow.  They were in a shady corner of the yard.  I concentrated on other things.  However, one seed decided to surprise me, to survive, to excel.  While I was fretting over my Hawaiian beauty, this gangly thing shone…and shines in my garden.  Draw the lesson….i won’t bore you….

My second rank darlings




First rank darlings are people but I don’t believe in putting pics of people on my blog. Call me old fashioned……like this rose. How lovely is that. I only planted it last fall and was sure the brutal winter would kill it but it is on it’s third blooming. I love the shape, like something out of a tapestry.

Next are nasturtiums. I never had any luck with them. All I ever produced were leaves, but look at these orange faces.

Last but far from least are my gladiolii. I never cared for these – reminded me of funerals but then my grandchildren gave me some bulbs for Mother’s Day and now I love them. They are very irritating in that they take the whole summer to bloom and I got very discouraged and never believed they would bloom. Perhaps I should take a lesson here. Not quite sure what it is…never mind . I revel in the color and the shape of these blooms going up the stem. I have a famous sunflower too. They are my darlings, really. If only they could kiss me with their petals it would be perfect.

Off to search for falling stars. I wonder if I will see any. I want them to show up tonight.